Friday, January 6, 2012

My name is McKenzie Rose, Director and Producer of BehindTheColorMask on YouTube the best place to show your creativity. I'm a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist that has tons of creativity to share with you.

I joined YouTube in 2007 filming and editing videos to enhance my knowledge on this matter, as a way to complement my career a decided to go ahead and create something different then just editing other peoples stuff so I had the need to start showing the world what I am all about.

My videos are mostly about makeup and tutorials of other things too. So bare with me I''m just learning the process of showing you who I am and what I do.

People ask me things all the time so here are some FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What camera, and editing software do you use?
A: For now a Flip Ultra HD and a Insignia  NS-DV720P. For editing I use iMovie and Sony Vegas.

Q: What kind of makeup you use?
A: For Glamour makeup, I use different brands. And for Production Makeup I have preferences like Wolfie, Kryolan and Ben Nye


  1. At your other blog I did see your tag for May. You said you love it, well, I love it too and I also love the stamp of the woman's face/head that you used for the tag. Can you please tell me the name and brand (probably TH) of that stamp.
    Thanks and happy stamping and coloring, I love your work

    1. Hi Riet, I've just notice someone post something in this blog. In the future I encourage you to go to my other blog were you can see all my work and videos about the Tags or anything else Art Related.

      Answering your question, the Stamp is by Graphic45 is my favorite stamp from all the ones I have. Thanks for liking my art and I hope to see you in my blog or better yet at YouTube :)

      Thank you!